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Hey there! I'm Ellie.

Still curious about me as a reader? Here's a little more about me: I'm an intuitive tarot and oracle card reader sharing my journey and learnings as I continue to grow my skills with tarot & oracle cards, numerology, tea leaf readings, runes, palmistry, and more.

I got started with the cards way back in middle school, but didn't fully focus on deep learning of the cards until the events of 2020. I rekindled my love of tarot when I came upon that first deck I purchased in middle school while cleaning out a closet, and the rest is history!

I'm a Cancer Sun, and Gemini Moon & Rising. I'm also an INFJ-T, for what it's worth. The Moonchild nickname comes from my lifelong ties to the moon and her phases as well as being a Cancerian ruled by the moon.

By day, I work on websites as a web developer in sunny San Diego, California. When I'm not working with code, I expand my cartomancy skills through study. I earned my Certified Tarot Reader certification from The Tarot Guild in July 2022, and pursued deeper studies in the Tarot Mysticism Academy with Joe Monteleone as part of the Summer 2023 cohort.

Aside from my YouTube channel and Instagram content, you can sometimes find me guest co-hosting over at Psychic Talk on Tarot Today! We take calls on open lines and the live chat during live shows. For more information on Psychic Talk, check out Psychic.Cafe!

As a professional reader, my strongest topics to read for are: reflective questions for personal growth, career, self-empowerment, self-love/self-care, and general energies. I love to deliver messages that encourage you to discover what you need to know in order to move forward in alignment with your highest good. Therefore, I am not a predictive reader - I truly believe that we are all capable of directing our future with our own free will. My readings will help to shed light on the current path, you will be the deciding factor of the direction you take from there.

Image of Ellie sitting at a table with cards spread around in a reading.

About Me

My deck collection, spanning a very jumbled but happy 3 shelves full plus 24-drawer container with my most used-decks in them.

My Deck Collection

I have a wide-ranging collection of tarot and oracle decks, with various art styles and vibes. I love using different decks and pairing them for client readings.

Books on Numerology, Palmistry, and Herbal Teas alongside some crystals, a pouch with crystal blue runes, and a fortune-reading tea cup.

Divination Methods

I work with various divination modalities, including numerology, astrology, and tea leaf readings while studying palmistry, runes, and more.

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Creating Content

I enjoy creating content on all things tarot & oracle! I mostly post on Instagram and my YouTube channel with deck reviews, pick-a-pile readings & more.

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