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Purchasing a Reading

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Ellie sitting at a table with cards spread around in a reading.
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Unique Experiences

Looking for divine feminine, oceanic wisdom? Maybe guidance from mystical, earthly animal spirits? With each reading, you are invited to choose your theme for a unique and highly personalized experience. Themes are essentially the aesthetic of the reading, and influence the decks used.

This unique, personalized expeience is delivered in one of two methods:

Video recorded readings:

  • 🌟 Delivered via private YouTube video link or Dropbox link. Watch as the reading unfolds, and revisit whenever you need it. *Usually delivered within 24-48 hours.*

Live Zoom call:

  • 🌟 We'll coordinate a day & time to jump on a live call via Zoom to do your reading in real-time. *Subject to availability. Booking link delivered upon purchase.*

Please note: Due to my schedule, I can not accommodate rush requests.

Animation showing showing various themed tarot readings. There are oceanic, desert, and cosmic themed layouts and coordinated cards!
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Tip Jar & Donations

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"This was my first tarot card reading ever and it was fantastic! I didn't know what to expect but the experience was wonderful and it was so incredibly accurate! Not only will I be back for more readings, but I will recommend all my friends too!"


"I was impressed with how you presented your reading. Very neat and clear. That itself shows how much sincerely you contribute in giving your best to the seeker. And with what's currently happening in my situation, you have accurately pointed out through your reading. For the advice on future is something very reasonable and well suggested."


"I really enjoyed the overall visuals, but also the breakdown of the cards, their positions and than the intuitive and symbolic meanings. I truly enjoyed the reading that I received, it was thorough and very accurate."


"I love the fact that you went straight to the point, and the reading speaks to me. Thank you for guiding me and much light to you."


"My reading was extremely accurate. As a reader myself it's refreshing to receive the insight you need when you go looking for it!"


"Ok, I got called out by the cards. It was gentle, but pulled no punches. I guess I know what I need to do now and that peace of mind is something I am grateful for. Thank you for the reading."


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